Here is a list of all our available works with the most recently published at the top. You will find a description of each story along with a link that will take you to each of the sites it is available to purchase from.

Harpy Blinks

R.G Rankine

Collection Five

R.G Rankine

Collection Four

R.G Rankine

On the cusp of adulthood a teenager looks ahead to the life of adventure and discovery he is so certain awaits… but the expectation of greatness is the cruelest trick… and years later, now a middle aged academic, a promotion that should have been cause for celebration pricks his sense of achievement. A chance encounter with a young student releases a darkness that, like his reflection, shows the man behind the persona. 

Bedside Penitence
The father looks at his daughter with thoughts of the past and the future.

Beneath the Science Lab
Cathy keeps the real reason for her attendance at a school reunion secret. 

The Sea Air Will Blossom
A summer job at a B&B has the hoped for impact.

The Benefit of Housing
Coming back from school to a letter that changes everything.

I Used to Work Here, You Know
Being helpful to dear old Mr. Murphy brings about more than just one discovery. 

Passing the Days
Reflecting on perceptions over a coffee and croissant.

Collection Three

R.G Rankine

Three Minutes

R.G Rankine

15 Soon

R.G Rankine


The Trees of '87
A reflective dramatic account of how a tragic childhood accident is forever linked to a devastating storm and the implications on how the boy, now a man, understands his friends, his family and the person he has become...

A Scream is Coming
To a psychological passage of paranoia... a short piece where we discover what we expect with dread can be more frightening than anything we ever receive in reality.

The 6.30 to Marionette's End
To the awakening of a beautiful and available world after decades of assimilation... a city man's journey into work becomes the most important he will ever take.

Colin’s caught on the ropes. Through blood, sweat and pain he’s trying hard to be the person he wants to be but is he lying to himself? Maybe it was the person he wanted to be, could have been… once… is he ready to admit that was the past and move on with his life, with the woman he loves… does he realise he is fighting much more than the man opposite him in the ring?

It's such a hard task, to trust your instincts. When you are a schoolboy trying to cope with emerging new feelings it's even harder. Nicholas has tried to understand what it is to grow up but isn't sure he is ready, and the conflict he is facing between building new relationships and destroying old ones is an uncomfortable test. He must challenge his emotions and confront what he wants against what he is being asked; it is difficult to find a path between right and wrong, but it is a lesson in life he knows he cannot avoid.

Collection Two

R.G Rankine

Collection One

R.G Rankine

The Silent Spaces

R.G Rankine

Do we really know why we look for things? Maybe it's to prove we have worth... or perhaps to find comfort in remembering what we once had... or possibly it's because to stop looking would be to stop caring.

Three short stories:

1. A Perfect Gent
2. Another Round for My Friends
3. A New Room

Three short stories letting you into the lives of ordinary people. A brief glimpse into Peter and Juliet's evening together, a day of musing for Jerry, and a chance encounter for Gerard that says more about Victoria than it does Alex. Three different slices of experiences that shows us we should perhaps take more from what we see as 'ordinary'.

Addison had wanted to get away from everything and everyone for a long time. He had planned his escape from the world and thought he would be happy. He was happy. For a while. But once he had made real his plan; once he had withdrawn from the world, he didn't understand why he could not settle. Why did his mind start thinking this way? Was he really alone? What was it he actually wanted? Addison found it was time to confront his dreams; did he really understand the choice he had made?

My Father Loves

R.G Rankine

When Philip's father told him something unexpected it made him think carefully about his relationship with his father, his family and his past. Trivial matters can mean more than other people ever realise, they can offer up paths never before thought of and sometimes helping others is to help yourself.