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Hello, I’m Robert Rankine although I use my initials to go by the name R.G Rankine.

Thanks for taking the time out to learn a little more about me. I am thirty-seven years old and live and work in London, England. To sum me up I am a product of 80’s children television, wasted Catholic schooling, excessive watching of Hollywood and World cinema, 90’s Brit Pop, years of dedicated physical training interspersed with years of dedicated physical abuse, a loving mother, private and public sector employment, NHS benefiter and the best set of friends ever (although I am always open to good offers as knowing them as long as I do the jokes can run a little dry). Even though I can’t really tell you what the 00’s were about and I now own jazz albums, have completed a degree in Literature with The Open University, lost my hair, own an iPhone and think kids are far too loud on the bus I still am just a version of my seventeen year old self.

I have a love of the arts and it all stems from reading. I was one of those that picked up big books far too early and far too naively (skimming my eyes across the page looking intensely studious convinced no-one) but it set in motion a respect and reverence for those who could take a feeling and portray it for others to see. I was also one of those (one of those being pretty much all of us) that told myself I would do something like write or paint or compose… one day. For me that day was about fifteen years after I thought it would be but nonetheless it came and I hope that this website, my blog, my social media pages and of course, most importantly, my stories show you the path I have set upon.

I formed Thinking Plainly Limited in January 2012 in order to self publish stories in the form of ebooks and it has been a wonderful journey into such a huge and fascinating community. I go by the title of Self-Published Indie Author but would like to make it clear I am very much at the start of my development as a writer: a novice, a beginner, a hopeful... but one that has the determination to know this will be a life long expedition and I am excited to see where it takes me.

I am interested in contemporary fiction and write short stories that have a focus on modern life. I hope you will find something you enjoy here within Thinking Plainly and will stay with me as I try... and try again. One thing I have learnt so far is you never know where a single line of text can take you or a simple introduction can lead so please feel free to get in touch, say hello and connect.

Thanks for reading.

R.G Rankine.



Short Stories

  1. Harpy Blinks (2016)
  2. Collection Three (2016)
  3. Collection Two (2015)
  4. Three Minutes (2015)
  5. 15 Soon (2015)
  6. My Father Loves (2012)
  7. Collection One (2012)
  8. The Silent Spaces (2012)

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