Thinking Plainly



Thinking Plainly Limited was formed in January 2012 as a means to explore the world of 'indie' - or independent - publishing. We are currently scrutinising and revising our business plan - after our first few years learning and growing - and we are looking forward to updating this page to reflect in more detail our aims and ambitions for the future, as well as explaining more fully our background and why we decided to jump into the world of self publishing.


As a company our ambition is to produce high quality and original works. Writing is our passion and we are striving to regularly publish new stories and increase our readership. We are enjoying pushing the boundaries of our knowledge on social media and exploring new interactive projects that we hope you find both fun and educational.


We are currently a team of three: R.G Rankine, Rufus Garlic and Alfred Duff. We manage our own social media sites and blogs where we post on a range of literary related subjects personal to each of us.

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As well as our individual author sites we regularly post on our company social media platforms with news and features. Please follow us there to keep up to date with the latest developments and publications. If you are a fan of book related imagery then our Pinterest page currently has over 30,000 followers and over 50,000 images of bookshelves, reading places, ereaders and self published works from across the globe. We have many projects in development that we are looking forward to growing over the coming months including a YouTube channel you can subscribe to that features a mixture of serious interviews on all matters 'independent' as well as fun projects like exploring drinks in literature.